ECOFI Membership

Membership in the European Consortium of the Organic-Based Fertilisers Industry (ECOFI) is open to any bona fide European producer of organic fertilisers, organo-mineral fertilisers or organic soil improvers whose production fully ensures the upstream traceability and the origin of raw material components.

Member Benefits

  • ​Become part of the only association of producers that is recognized by the European Commission as a mandated representative of the organic-based fertilisers industry;
  • Be heard by decision-makers at the European Commission, the European Parliament, in member state delegations and other influencers;
  • Gain access to an expert, facilitated process enabling you to engage the EU institutions and other key players in constructive dialogue about your products and their regulation under forthcoming legislation;
  • Contribute to building the regulatory architecture that the organic-based fertilisers industry needs in order to expand its market access across the EU and beyond;
  • Strengthen your professional and commercial networks by participating in our vibrant community of industry players;
  • Gain instant access to a wealth of industry-critical resources, like a library of European and national regulations.

Becoming an Affiliate

ECOFI may accord affiliation agreements to relevant trade associations and other organizations, including national associations dealing with organic fertilisers, organo-mineral fertilisers and organic soil improvers, other sector organizations with common interests, and industry-related research institutions, among others. Becoming an affiliate bestows neither membership nor voting rights on the affiliate.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Participate, upon invitation, in technical meetings and discussions;
  • Be consulted, on an ad-hoc basis, on specific industry-relevant topics;
  • Send one participant to open sessions of ECOFI’s General Assemblies;
  • Be regularly informed of ECOFI’s work through appropriate communication channels;
  • Mention your affiliation with ECOFI in your communication materials (as long as there is no implication that the organization is a member of ECOFI nor any implication that the organization or any of its positions are endorsed by ECOFI).

How to join

For more information about joining ECOFI, membership dues, or affiliate status, contact Jessica Fitch

phone +32 495 316 244